Is your old jetty unstable?

Does the gangway dip as you walk along it?

Do the pontoons touch the bottom of the lake when water levels are low?

Does the swell take your jetty along with it?


The solution is our Jetty Footing!


Jetty Footing


0,6 m

0,9 m

1,2 m

1,5 m

1,8 m


2,0 m

(mechanical lock)

The jetty can be lifted as water levels rise and lowered when levels come down.

The Jetty Foot is a quick and easy solution to support jetty elements.


Jetty Foot fastening unit for corners.

Quick and easy height adjustment.

The flange of the Jetty Foot will adapt to uneveness of the ground.

A cement slab, for example, can be used under jetty footing.
This will give extra support on softer ground.

Jetty Foot 2,00 m mechanical lock (adjustable with 10 cm intervals) + fastening unit for corners with mechanical lock + diagonal brace.

Both left and right handed fastening units for corners and diagonal braces available.

Inexpensive shipping in Finland through Matkahuolto

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